Critical Analysis Essay

Critical Analysis Essay

Critical Analysis Essay is one where you evaluate and criticize a published work or a theory and provide logical arguments for or against it. The arguments should be directed to show assessment about issues such as the theme, logic, construction, flow, narration and other features that make up the essay.

Writing such papers does not mean rambling and making disparaging and baseless comments. The critique you provide should be without any bias or loathing for the subject or the author, whatever their personal beliefs maybe. The paper should not be used as a tool to slander others but to demonstrate why the theory or research is not tenable. You should make appropriate allowances for the author’s background and the culture to which the paper relates.

Before you begin writing critical analysis essay , you need to know the subject well. Prepare yourself by reading up on the topic and understand the context in which it is written. You should also research the topic and you can refer to books, online resources, magazines and Journals to understand what others say about the subject. While writing the essay, you need to cite any content that is taken from these sources. If you do not give the appropriate references, then the essay can be called as plagiarized. The essay will have to be written in the specified number of words, as per styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard and others (see also how to write an analytical essay, an analysis essay , argumentative essay, a critical essay and how to write an essay ).

Begin the paper by introducing the topic and explain what it means, what the implications are, how accurate is the data that is used and so on. Mention the issues you would be analyzing and what your findings are. The next sections should provide proof of your arguments in the form of literature review, analysis that is supported by different theories, analysis of the data and information and so on. If the author has chosen to ignore some aspects that would provide a counter view, then point this out. If any hypothesis are given that are not proved later or if wrong assumptions are made then this should be mentioned. There are many critiques written by famous authors and you should read them to understand how such papers are constructed.

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