Global warming research papers

How to write a global warming research paper

Global warming research papers require a large amount of research. The field of global –warming is constantly evolving with newer and newer theories coming in every minute. Do you need help or a few tips with a critique, research-proposalassignment or thesis involving Global Warming?

  • This topic requires a lot of hard work of hard work. Do the necessary research and then talk to your instructor about picking up a particular aspect of Global warming which is of special interest to you. For example, The Great Global Warming Swindle was a controversial documentary film by British television producer Martin Durkin, which stated that the current scientific opinion of human activity being the main cause of global warming is a deception. The film interviewed scientists, economists, politicians, writers, and others who were unconvinced of the scientific agreement that excess carbon production by fossil fuels was the main reason for Global-warming. According to these scientists, the Greenhouse effect is due to the current unpredictable rise of the sun’s temperature in the last few years. The programme was roundly criticised by scientists and scientific organizations for propogating such unsubstantiated views.
  • You will definitely need consultation and assistance on this. Ask your instructors to set the direction in which to work, which topic would be interesting, what sources or books will be useful as references, and what to avoid as too unsubstantiated.
  • Don’t use gossip no matter how interesting or scandalous.
  • Campus libraries are filled with lots of good reference books on these topics. Use the help of a skilled librarian to help you retrieve related topics and issues. Explain what you need, and they will point you in the exact direction.
  • Another way of doing the research is to consult with Global-warming specialist on the net. You can discuss the topic online on green house effect blogs or forums to get the latest news. Or you could even contact the specialist personally. Most of these specialists have their latest research papers published on the internet .If you are picking up ideas from these new papers, don’t forget to give the required citations in your Works Cited page.
  • But if you are able to plan a personal meeting with a specialist, your assignment will get a practical base. And you’ll succeed in impressing your Instructor.

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